What is AXIS ᴬᴾᵀ ?

AXIS is a unique painters tape that utilizes the most Advanced Technology 

Polyhanging & Seaming Tape
AXIS Poly-hanging and Seaming Tape is designed to hold strong to plastic sheeting surfaces, allowing for clean removal without adhesive residue or surface damage. This unique tape features ‘Hybrid’ technology giving it the durability of plastic, yet tearing easily like paper.

How AXIS ᴬᴾᵀ can benefit me ?

  • Waterproof backing
  • Job-rated for easy recognition
  • Extra-wide for easy installation
  • Easy tear
  • 14-day clean removal

Why should I use AXIS ᴬᴾᵀ ?

Tears Like Paper Tough Like Plastic

Sharp Paint Lines

Infinitely Superior Paint Lines

Up to 14-Day Clean and Easy Removal

Wide Tape

Weatherproof backing

Easy Tear

AXIS ᴬᴾᵀ Tape is Best For…

  • Medium Adhesion to Wall and Trim
  • High Adhesion to Plastic
  • Dropcloth & Sheeting

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It !

John T
John TOlean, NY
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The Blue Dolphin 2.36 inches wide x 90 feet long Blue Dolphin Polyhanging & Seaming Tape. It tears like paper but is very strong. This tape is white but also printed with the name repeated the entire length of the tape so it’s not solid white. It sticks very well to plastic sheeting so if you hang sheeting over a door before doing a job, such as drywalling, it does a very good job and adheres to painted walls without damaging the paint when removing it.
Cinda R
Cinda RUnited States
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My utmost number one go to tape!! I love it Doesn’t pull the paint off the wall either when using it to hold something.