What is AXIS ᴬᴾᵀ ?

AXIS is a unique painters tape that utilizes the most Advanced Technology and State-of-the Art manufacturing facility. This new technology uses strong paper, which allows AXIS to be used for all Interior and Exterior applications.

Featuring proprietary formulation of UV stable adhesive, AXIS to be the ideal choice on multi-surfaces, and allows it to stay on surface as long as 14 days, and still can be removed easily without leaving any adhesive residue.

How AXIS ᴬᴾᵀ can benefit me ?

  • Paper creates razor sharp paint line
  • Minimizes the need for touch-ups therefore improves work efficiency and saves money
  • One tape does it all – For your Professional & DIY projects
  • Medium/low tack adhesive allows AXIS painter’s tape to be used on all surfaces

Why should I use AXIS ᴬᴾᵀ ?

Leaves no residue

Up to 14-Day Clean and Easy Removal

Sharp Paint Lines



Multi Surfaces


AXIS ᴬᴾᵀ Tape is Best For…

  • Previously painted walls & trims
  • Lacquered or varnished woodwork
  • Glass, plastic, metal

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It !

Tony Arigala Malerei
Tony Arigala Malerei Inc Santa Clarita California
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Really amazing results Now we only use Axis on all projects
Karen Lyme
Karen LymeNH
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Painter's tape is really superior to all other painter’s masking tape I’ve ever used; it’s flat and helps me get really crisp lines with little to no ridges on my artwork. I’ve gone through enough rolls to know it outperforms the others by miles.